Scientists Say Microwaves Are Dangerous And Causing Health Problems In All Of Us

You just can’t enjoy anything these days. Take in a little sun, and you’ll be warned about getting melanoma. Eat a piece of candy, and the finger-wagging about diet and diabetes begins. Now experts are going to ruin our favorite kitchen appliance: the microwave.

We will warn you that these warnings are a bit like the “don’t drop hot coffee or you will burn yourself” stickers that we are now subjected to on the sides of our $6 coffee cups. Be that as it may, scientists say that the 2.45 billion hertz found in the typical microwave are safe “only if your appliance does not leak.” Which sounds an awful lot like saying “your car is safe, only if it does not crash,” but what do we know?

We tried looking up what a “hertz” was to sound smart here, but got lost about one uber-scientific sentence in, and that was just on Wiki. Ok, so maybe science isn’t our strongest suit.

Be that as it may, we are warned that all kinds of deadly malaises await us if we use, or overuse, our microwaves. These range from cancer to cataracts. We’re not sure how you would know if you’d been stricken with any of these ailments from microwave use, or eating too many Cheetos, or just walking around our globally warmed planet, so we tend not to worry too much about it.

But if you’re the type who enjoys freaking out about everything you do, here you go:

A Swiss scientist claims that microwaves suck all the nutrition out of our food. As if that pizza casseroleyou’re zapping right now had any to begin with, but we digress.

Hans Hertel said back in the early 1990s that the radiation from microwaves causes food molecules to becomes mis-shapen and turn into Frankenstinianly radioactive entities. Hertel deduced that this could cause conditions like anemia, elevated cholesterol levels, lowered white blood cell counts, and reducedantibodies.

Now we don’t know about you, but we love ourselves a good microwave and use one at least three times daily. So maybe we’re on our way to having three heads, but at least we can enjoy some tasty nachos along the journey.

Why are microwave ovens dangerous

  • Microwaves produce toxic electromagnetic field
    Microwaves leak radiation that can damage human cells. The FDA sets limits for its usage in the industry, as it announced that the frequency inside the microwave is 2,45 Billion hertz, and the frequency at which the human body starts to get harmed is over 10 hertz.

  • Microwave radiations deform food molecules
    Food molecules start to deform and tear from one another due to the repetitive changing of current forces of atoms that reverse the direction of electromagnetic fields (polarity) at a very high rate. This causes water molecules in food to vibrate, producing heat that cooks the food.

  • Microwaves can make food lose their nutritional value
    Swiss scientist, Hans Hertel, conducted a study confirming that microwaved food loses its nutritional value as new harmful radiolytic compounds are formed when food molecules are deformed. When testing the effect of microwaves on vegetables, the results showed a loss of 97% of their antioxidants.

  • Microwaves can cause many serious diseases
    A research showed that microwaved meals can cause high cholesterol levels, decrease in hemoglobin causing anemia, decrease in lymphocytes and increased leukocyte causing stress, or pathogenic effects as poisoning and cell damage.

  • Microwaves can cause abnormalities in babies
    Infant formulas should not be microwaved, as a study showed that after 10 minutes of microwaving, the amino acid starts to deform, resulting in functional, structural and immunological abnormalities.

  • Microwaves’ high frequency of radiation damages the body cells
    The infrared radiation can cause skin burns. Cancer can be caused due to the mutations caused by the X-rays, Gamma rays and ultraviolet light.

  • Microwaves produce ionizing radiation
    This kind of radiation damages the cell’s DNA. As a result, this can cause cancer, as cells keep on reproducing uncontrollably.

  • Microwaves don’t heat the food evenly
    Consequently, some parts are overcooked causing the mutation of food molecules leading to cancer, whereas, the undercooked parts can increase the risk of food poisoning.

  • Microwaves can harm the eyes by causing cataracts
    The eyes are very sensitive as they lack the blood vessels needed to protect them from heat and cellular damage. Excessive exposure to microwaves’ radiation can cause cataracts.

  • Microwaves can cause temporary sterility
    Exposure to high level of microwaves’ energy can alter or kill sperm, causing temporary sterility. This can only happen if the exposure is more than the 5mW limit for microwave’s leakage. See also how cellphone can cause temporary sterility

  • Microwaves can over-heat water causing skin and facial injuries
    The FDA received reports of skin burns as a result of hot water erupting out of the cup after being over heated past its boiling temperature in a clean cup. However, if the cup contains coffee or sugar before heating, the risk is immensely reduced.

  • Microwaves can affect blood and heart rates
    A study conducted by Dr. Magda Havas of Trent University found that the non-ionizing radiation of the microwave can cause changes to blood and heart rates. Some people might experience irregular heart beats or chest pain over time due to eating microwaved meals regularly.

Some Reasons Why You Should STOP Using Your Microwave

Microwave ovens have become an integral part of just about every kitchen in the US thanks to the fast food culture. While the convenience of those ovens doesn’t call into question, they come with the certain risks to your health. These are top 10 reasons to stop using microwaves.

 Food Does Not Taste As Good

www.safebee.comEating food doesn’t merely mean fueling the body. It’s recommended to take your time when eating a meal. That will make your meal more enjoyable. The Microwave “advantage” is that it also heat your meal much faster than the oven. However, microwaves cause a stronger reaction to water molecules, which means often that water will quickly exceed the temperature of the surrounding food and can evaporate, leaving food dry or rubbery.

Additionally, the microwave does a worse job in spreading the heat evenly, and in most cases, causes your meal to be unbalanced in its temperature. Ovens heat much more evenly and solely from the outside in, usually ‘crisping’ up the outside of the food in a much more pleasant tasting way.

Your Food Will Lose Valuable Nutrients

Image result for 10 Reasons to Stop Using MicrowavesThe raw foods diet can benefit your health since you’re getting the most nutrients this way. Cooking in a microwave makes a mess with the food molecules, modifying antioxidants, vitamins, and enzymes.

Studies found that since microwaves have such strong impact on foods water molecules, and since cooking in water (not necessarily in boiling water, but any form of cooking food that contains some level of water) affects the nutrients in some way, as some nutrients can be heat sensitive, the more water you cook them in, the more these nutrients can leach out.

 Dangerous Hot Spots


If you have ever microwaved a food, you probably know that such a food is not heated evenly. That can give rise to steam explosions and cause the dangerous burns.

The reason for that is because molecules like fat, sugar, and water are able to absorb energy from the microwave heat waves. That causes hot spots on these molecules that absorbe the kenetic heat in a stronger manner than other molecules.

 Risk of Fire

fr.123rf.comThe metals, unpopped eggs, and certain foods can make your microwave explode and catch fire if leave them inside the wave for a prolonged period of time. Having an electrical fire at home is quite scary to deal with.

Some saftey tips: Never attempt to heat articles that are not approved for use in microwave ovens. Do not leave a microwave oven unattended when microwaving popcorn, since the heat buildup can cause fires. Lastly, Always use oven mitts to remove items from the microwave.

It Gives Off Radiation

Image result for Radiation

Even though the newer microwaves are designed to release less radiation, those hazardous waves add up over time. It’s not safe at all! The waves can quickly travel through the air and walls, making your home an unhealthy place to live.

But, and that’s a huge but, we tend to think of exposure to radiation as this nuclear appocalypse that will kill us instatly or cause a stage 4 cancer. While it has its risks, numerous studies had explored this issue and found very little evidence to support a causal relationship between microwave radiation exposure and cancer.

Kitchen Clutter

By taking up counter space, the microwave considerably adds to clutter in the kitchen. Even if it is built-in, it’s highly likely that you use a few kitchen utensils for your microwave in particular.

But, you know, it’s your kitchen, do whatever you want.

Microwaving Plastic or Paper Is Bad

Image result for keeping foods fresh and safeMany people prefer packing the microwave meals in paper or plastic. Keep in mind that most plastics aren’t BPA free and hence can be pretty dangerous. They may put fats or other harmful components into your meals.

This is actually a no brainer. If, after all being said and done, you still want to use your microwave, just make sure you remove the plastic cover before you do. Or, at the very least, buy BPA free plastic covers.

Food Poisoning

While heating your meals, the microwave generates the danger temperature zone for food – anywhere between 40°F and 140°F. That temperature triggers the growth of most bacteria which can cause food poisoning.

You might be thinking to yourself that this is also true for ovens. However, the oven heat spreads around evenly, and it is capable of of reaching higher tempatures that should kill all bacteria. Be careful not to heat your food too much, becuase you might lose nutritions, or simply burn it.

Microwave Can Alter The Blood Composition

www.kitchendesignusa.comWhen consuming microwaved vegetables and milk for an extended period, your erythrocytes (red blood cells) get decreased. On the other hand, your cholesterol and white blood cell levels get increased. That can lead to serious health issues.

However, recent Chapman University study states that there is no evidence that eating microwaved foods is detrimental to humans or animals. Microwaves are low-energy waves that, like visible light, fall within the electromagnetic spectrum. Like all electromagnetic waves, they are composed of photons, but the photons in microwaves have so little energy that they are unable to cause chemical changes in the molecules they encounter–including those in food.

It Increases the Risk of Cancer and Other Health Problems


Microwaving is associated with severe health issues. For example, it is directly linked to heart issues, cataracts, or even cancer. That’s why you should stop using microwaves for good.

While the link between microwave food and cancer is weak, there’s a strong and undinable link between microwaving food and lose of nutrious. Which can cause an unbalanced diet, low vietman C levels, and in some cases, heart issues.