What are some examples of positive work Mamata Banerjee has done as a CM till now?

  1. No more power cuts in Bengal
  2. No bandhs, stricks, chakka jams
  3. Online santions, online tendering to transparent system.
  4. Kanyashree project to empower girl child. The project has been taken as model by UNICEF. Central government’s ‘Beti bachao, beti padao’ also inspired from this project.
  5. Butification of Kolkata too much. If you have visited Kolkata before 2011, now you will see a 180 degree chage in beauty as well as in cleanness.
  6. Left front government made Bengal paralyzed in term of employment also. Lefts ‘left’ 2 crore unemployeed youth at 2011. It’s not possible for a new government to employee this amount of huge number in just 5 or 6 years. So she started a project called “Yubashree”. In this project a huge number of unemployed youths will get 1500 RS monthly untill they get jobs.
  7. ‘Fair price Medicine Shop’. It is a revolutionary project taken by her. In this project docters are ordered to prescribe ‘genetic name’ of medicines do that the patient can by medicines from those shoes where medicines are 65–87% cheap. A survey said, in this project 38 lack people benefited just in last 2014 !
  8. Treatment in government hospitals are completely free. Medialcal tests to bed fare to primary treatment, all fees are wayed off.
  9. ‘Sabooj Sathi’ (green friend), a project of giving cycles from class 8 to 12 students. Because of 34 year’s left rule, all kinds of infrastructures ware collapsed. Education is also one of them. The schools in villages ware 3–12 km far. At the time of winter, when sun sets soon, the girls are targeted by goons, rapists. So the cycle helped them to much to reach home as quickly as possible. Above this, a cycle can save to much time of walking and the excess time can be added to the education, works. And more of this, the family member (Bengal have a large number of hawkers) like father can use this in his work of hawakery. And more of this, it’s a eco friendly and healthy system.
  10. Too many ‘Mother & Child care systems’ are made to save pregnant women and their just born babies.
  11. Central government’s ‘Food Safety Act’ is to give 3 RS kg rice to the BPL people. But Mamata Banerjee made this for 8 crore of bengalies and she added more 1 RS of subsidy in which people can get 2rs kg rice. This project is named by ‘Khadyasathi’.
  12. 50+ news college and universities are made complete and opend including girls colleges in just 5 years. More than 85 polytechnic colleges have been started.
  13. India’s first 3rd gender principal appointed by Mamata Banerjee which is a history itself.
  14. As you all know Kolkata metro is the oldest metro in India (1980), but where other metros are air conditioned, Kolkata left on rail minister though..! It was Mamata Banerjee who started AC rakes in Kolkata metro and where the Kolkata metro was around ‘15–20’ km spread, she took project to expand this to 100+ km including East West metros, baranagar, noapara, barrackpore, dakshineswar, Saltlake, howrah. She started ‘Ladies Special’ trains in India. She was the first rail minister who showed, how income can be increased without increasing fares. New trains like Duronto, Maharaja express etc started by her.
  15. Transportation system of Bengal improved hugely in her rule. AC buses to smooth road covered whole Bengal. Connecting odd areas by roads is learnable from her government.
  16. In her rule of 5 years, the middle and small sector of industry experienced a large growth compared to left rule. (Large industry sector is steel at same condition). Youths are inspired by government for start-ups.
  17. Kishan credit cards for farmers also is a great achievement. Her government directly buy crops from farmers or to let them sale at kishan Mandis which is also made by her government.
  18. Left front government used to ‘vanish’ all the monies comes from central Go for Midday meals. 70% above schools ware affected by them. But now her rule, 96% schools are covered.
  19. Before Narendra Modi’s Swacch Bharat, she started ‘Nirmal Bangla’ (clean Bengal) project. And if you visit Bengal, you also can experience how much successful it is. This is the cause why Bengal remains at top position for last couple of years in ‘swachh Bharat’ project ranking by central government.