This Sled Hotel In Finland Lets You Move Around For The Best Views Of Northern Lights!

SLED hotel in Finland

Hotels in the Nordic regions are going miles beyond the usual, as an intent to offer an experiential stay amidst the Northern Lights. We know already about the Glass Igloo Hotel in Finland, and now we’re being offered, wait for it, the Sled Hotel! This mobile hotel in Finland lets you move to the perfect location for watching Northern Lights. Perfect may as well mean, a remote locale which can be way colder than your imagination. However, these custom-made sled hotel in Finland introduced by Off The Map Travel, will give you all the warmth you need.

Currently, there are three hotel rooms, which are 6.5 feet tall, 15 feet in length and the width is 8 feet. The space can accommodate two people. Other than a comfy bed, you have a dining table, gas heater and external dry toilet coming with you on the move. Of course, the roof made of glass providing you mesmerizing views of the Northern Lights as you snuggle in your bed.


But that’s not it, if you wish to venture out in the snow, you will have all the tools required in your sled room, such as personal sled and snowshoes. Currently, the hotel is based out of Kilpisjärvi and will be accepting bookings till Mid-April. Fret not! The hotel will be back in January 2019.