MP Farmers Using Solar Pump for Irrigation in Wheat and Gram Crops

 Farmer of village Bamnala of Khargone district, Radheshyam Pratap Singh Patel this year irrigated his wheat and gram crops in Rabi season without consuming electricity. He irrigated his farm through solar pump.

Farmer Radheshyam has his farm sans electricity lines. Because of this shortcoming, Radheshyam had inconvenience in irrigating his crops and was unable to get full agriculture production. In this regard, he discussed with field staff of Farmers Welfare and Agriculture Development department of his area.

Radheshyam was informed about Chief Minister Solar Pump scheme. He came ahead to get his proposal ready. District Renewable Energy officer installed solar pump of three Hp, having cost of Rs 3.10 lakh in his farm, completing all required formalities. He got 90 percent subsidy in solar pump scheme. He had to pay only Rs 36150 for solar pump.

Solar pump installed in farmer Radheshyam’s farm has been a centre of attraction for farmers of surrounding areas. These farmers too have made their mind to install solar pump in their farms. Benefit under the Chief Minister Solar Pump scheme was given to 25 farmers in Khargone district.