Mock Tests : Practice Makes Perfect in Education



The opportunity for the students to take part in mock version of an exam before they appear for the real exam has huge benefits. Here are 9 major advantages of mock tests.

1. Most importantly, mock tests tell candidates which topics they have not mastered and encourage them to focus future learning on weak areas.

2. Almost as important, mock tests tell candidates which topics they have already mastered. They can then direct their learning to other areas and spend minimal further time on the topics they already know.

3. Mock tests can also feedback to the instructional team the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate and for the candidate group. It can tell which topics have been successfully learned and which areas need more work.

It’s well understood in psychology that you are more likely to retain something if you learn it spaced (separated) over time. Since mock tests stimulate revision and studying, they encourage earlier learning and so space out learning, which is likely to improve retention.

5. The accuracy and fairness of exams can be impacted by some candidate’s fear or anxiety around the exam process. Mock tests can reduce test anxiety.

The more you are accustomed to sitting for a period of time, answering test questions, and pacing yourself, the more comfortable you will feel when you actually sit down to take the test.

6. Taking a mock doesn’t just measure how much you know, it helps reinforce the learning and make it more likely that you can retrieve the same information later. It’s a surprising fact that taking a test can actually be more beneficial to learning than spending the same amount of time studying.

7. Giving formative or mock tests seems to improve learning as well as final exam results.

8. It is crucial that exams are fair and that they are seen to be fair. By providing mock tests, you remove the mystique from your exams and allow people to see the question styles, to practice the time planning required and to have a fair view of what the exam consists of. It helps level the playing field and promotes the concept of a fair exam, open to and equal for all.

9. Mock tests help students to form an habit of in-depth learning and instill a fearless competitive mind set.

Online Mock Tests at Base Education (www.baseeducation.orghelp students to prepare for their exams & do a periodic self-assessment of their academic progress through well-designed testing modules. It helps students identify their strengths & weaknesses much before they face the actual exams in their school curriculum.

Kolkata based Base Education is dedicated to the success of the students and maintains an excellent panel of competent teachers endowed with academic excellence on relevant subjects. They are responsible for framing guidelines following the latest board guidelines. They frame the coaching module and try to create a formula that will provide positive results in board & competitive examinations as well.

Mock Test modules & evaluation process of Base Education are helping students identify their strengths & weaknesses well in advance, which enable students to take necessary corrective measures to improve performance.

Base Education conducts online Mock Tests for Class VI to XII standard students of ICSE, ISC, CBSE & West Bengal Boards. JEE & NEET Exam syllebus are also covered.

Base Education mock tests are the closest possible actual exam experience.
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