Kids in Bengaluru Schools Could Get Extra Marks if Parents Vote

In one of the many attempts by Bengaluru citizens to raise awareness among voters in the city, the Karnataka Associated Management of English-medium Schools (KAMS) has proposed a very interesting incentive to get the parents of their students to vote in the 12 May Assembly elections.

According to reports, KAMS has decided to award extra marks to students whose parents have voted.D Shashi Kumar, general secretary of KAMS, said, “We will record the details of the students and the parents and award 4 marks to them in the Part B section of internal assessments.” Some schools expect parents to report to the school right after voting, while some can wait until schools reopen to show their inked finger to ensure the children get the marks.

All the schools under the purview of KAMS were sent a notification with regard to this, and some schools have signed up to implement the proposal.

This is not the first time that schools have used marks to induce parents to participate in elections. Shashi Kumar said that this tactic has been previously tried in one particular school in Bengaluru. Some schools claim to have tried it with the BBMP elections successfully. A few schools also claim to be reaching out to parents through class-wise Whatsapp groups. Parents can also post photos with their inked fingers on these groups.

Shashi Kumar added that the move is to motivate parents who may treat the election weekend as a possible vacation, to stay back and cast their vote instead. He also believes it’s a learning opportunity for students.