Funny Crazy Meme Pictures Meanwhile In India

India is a land of Diversities, it is true for its cultural and geographical approaches. India is the one of the best tourist attractions in the world. It’s clearly an amazing place where a lot of funny things happen that you really can’t explain. Here are a few things about india that may surprise you and at the same time will make you laugh.

India is a magical place, and these pictures prove it. Meanwhile in India a Funny Compilation.

        Aamir Khan’s PK is not only the best Bollywood movie of 2014 but also the              most hyped, and it made everyone curious before the movie hit theatres,                                                          especially this guy.

                  This is how those Diwali sweets are prepared. Yummy…LOL

                                     Monkey reading the newspaper

                  India has a lot of talented IT people, like this IT expert

All Aboard the Adventure Train

  Remember that time when Roger Federer asked his Indian fans to photoshop        him doing Indian things? Many creative photoshop artists made his virtual tour                                            successful with awesome results.

Who says only guys can have fun? Just three badass Indian aunties having a fun ride…

                                                     Indian Ghost Rider

And on normal days, you can see heartwarming scenes like this and believe in                            your heart that the world is just going to be fine

2014 was a year of selfie on Facebook and twitter, and I nominate this one as the                                             best Indian selfie ever.

                         Meanwhile in India, mangoes and grapes are same…

                                               Indian Juggad

Reminding the world how to be economical