Benefit of Crash Course for NEET

Crash Course is the most comprehensive revision course for NEET

This is approximately six weeks course begins just after board exams and includes review of syllabus, specially designed Study Material, Weekly Test Series & Daily Doubt Removal Session in a systematic and efficient way to give quick revision of syllabus and significant increment in their overall performance.

It would be good if you’ve taken the crash course after knowing the basics of each and every topic. In therapy course, they won’t go deep so make sure that you’ll get ready for that.  And in that crash course they’ll cover each and every concept but very fast.

It’s benefit only when you have already read and study about that topic previously so that you are rivison happens and important topics get more clear and revised. But if you think to cover everything in a short time that is impossible.
Due to time constraints,
only important parts of the syllabus are focused on crash courses.
In class, they brush past the theory in a few minutes delivering whats needed for the NEET syllabus. The remaining time is used doing MCQs mostly.
All those small tests actually add up to advantage at the exam hall.